How to become a member of Vernon House

To become a member, you must:

  1. submit an application and a check payable to Vernon House for a credit review (inquire with Winder Realty about the amount)
  2. agree to a credit review
  3. participate in an interview with a committee of existing members (the interview lasts about an hour).
  4. be selected
  5. move in after paying fees (see below)

If you are selected and placed on the membership list, you may be able to move into an apartment immediately. Otherwise, you be placed on a waiting list. When apartments become available, you are contacted.

Paying Fees
Before move-in, you must pay the first month’s "carrying charge" fee and the amount of the "buy-in" for the apartment (about 2 months of charges). For example, if the carrying charge was $900 per month for an apartment, the total due at the time of move-in would be about $2700. This is similar to paying the first and last month of rent and a security deposit to the landlord of a regular apartment building at the time of move-in.